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The Mythical Creature Art Exchange
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This community is currently closed while we try to improve a few things. We apologize for any inconvience.

This community is for artists of all skill levels, the only requirement, besides having a working e-mail and LJ account, is that you have a mythic character to contribute. It is managed by crazy_weretiger and banrai.

Da Rules:
- Your character: This can be anything at all, gryphons, dragons and anything that you consider mythical, from greek mythos, folklore, popular media or even of your own creation if it is of a fantasy kind of thing.

-There are a few restrictions though. Anything that is human or anthro must have a non-anthro mythical form, and no full on humans or the like (meaning elves, centaurs and fairies are out).

-I realise this is a little complex, when you post the description of your character you'll be told if your character is not allowable.

-If you enter you must draw someone elses character, and in turn someone else will draw your character. The info on who you are to draw will be given to you via e-mail. Keep this info secret, don't let your "chosen one" know you are drawing for them. If you have any questions about the character, post an anonymous comment to their entry. (on the call to applicants form).

-Each round beggins on the 15th of each month, you should fill out the form posted in this community on this date if you want to enter, put the compleated form in the comments of this post. and if your submission isn't in by the 15th of the next month, you may not participate again until you finish and post your picture.

-All kinds of visual art is allowed, sorry but no writers.

-Please put effort into your submission, if it is agreed that your submission isn't to the same standard as your other work, you will be unable to enter until you make another submission that is more to your skill level.

-Gore is allowed as well as tasteful nudity, nothing obcene. The info on the character you are to draw will include a maximum rating.

-Please put all submissions that some may find offencive behind a cut with an appropriate warning. (Eg: strong language, Nudity, ect.)

-These rules may well change, so check often

-This community is inspired by other exchange communities, such as dragon_exchange, furartxchange, gryphon_xchange and more specifically mythicrtxchange, thanks to all of them and their managers.